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The world’s first beacon based timing solution

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We’re looking for pioneers, people who want see what they can achieve or want to set others a new kind of challenge. Whatever your sport, whatever your passion we want you on our team.

For action heros

  • Find a challenge near you
  • Instant online Leaderboards
  • Take any challenge with just your mobile
  • Real time results and timing
  • Take a challenge any time of day

Find a Timecheck challenge, turn up and set your time. Instantly see how you compare on real time leaderboards. Timecheck is perfect for adding that competitive edge to your training or against your mates and provides a serious timing element to organised events and challenges you participate in.

For event organisers

  • Easily set out courses using beacons
  • Instant online Leaderboards
  • Scalable and cost effective
  • 24/7 timing solution
  • 100% waterproof and low maintenance
  • More accurate than GPS in areas of poor reception

Timecheck is a cost-effective, 24/7 timing solution that can be set up anywhere by anyone. All you have to do is set out your course using beacons and register your challenge on Timecheck.

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Every sprinter believes they are the only one who should be there, so how dare they fight you for it?– Mark Cavendish


Timecheck uses beacon technology to allow anyone to create routes and challenges in any environment or post a time against an existing challenge. Each Timecheck event has a live online leaderboard that updates in realtime - great for venues who want to leave their route open for participants 24/7 or just for mates setting a challenge for each other.

Timecheck is ideal for event organisers, trail venues, organisations, charity events, outdoor activity hotspots and organisations as it provides a cost-effective, engaging and viral timing solution. What’s more it doesn’t need manning and runs 24/7, in all weathers. As the venue owner or the event organiser you set the rules and the challenge and build your audience of participants.

It is also great for spectators, fans and support teams to follow individuals as they pass Timecheck points around an event - perfect for endurance or long distance events.

Working with Estimote Beacons

Working with Estimote Beacons